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Crowned by the Social Media Marketing Institute of Australia as the leading real estate portal three years in a row, our agent portal has been praised by marketing managers, principals & agents across 7 countries. 


Two of the biggest frustrations we see are: 


  1. Not enough time to produce content, campaigns & marketing material  

  2. Knowing the latest updates to keep your brand ahead of your competition. 


We have taken all that away so our members can get on with dollar producing activities while having everything in one place to provide everything you need when it comes to marketing, training & guidance. 

We have a range of different options to suit everyone. 


  • Those who are well versed when it comes to creating content, but just need some guidance, inspiration or someone to help keep them up to date with what’s happening in the social/digital world. 

  • Those who have the time & ability to put their strategy in place, however struggle with constantly coming up with ideas or implementing strategies ​

Our online shop is available with items such as settlement gifts & other products that are available at an exclusive price as well as the ability to submit stories that can be pushed out to media outlets . 

member lounge

Have you got your content sorted but just need the training & guidance to help you make the most out of your strategy?

Our Member Lounge is a mix of video training content, articles and downloads that you can print out and use in the field.

Covering topics such as:


  • How TIkTok can win you a listing

  • How LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms & what you should do differently

  • The five times you should be promoting a listing during a campaign & why

  • The Psychology behind social media marketing - understanding your audience

  • What a settlement gift says about you

  • How to use your CRM in target social media ads for maximum results

  • What are the top social media trends for 2022

  • How to make the most out of Facebook lives

  • The legalities around posting on social media

  • What real estate agents can learn from McDonalds

  • How to get seller leads for less than a cup of coffee

  • How to build an online brand

  • How to get your social media working for you

  • Why social media is the new shopfront

  • The Tech that is changing the way we do things

  • How to win a listing for $0

  • Ready made social media results for your listing presentation kit

  • Your complete guide to Instagram success



Our portal has been designed with our 50 years (collectively) experience in the industry working in all aspects of the business.

We know the industry intimately, we know the legislation, we know what your competitors are doing and we know how to do it better. 


Never worry about content again with our ready to go content. 


  • Buyer & Seller tip posts

  • Recruitment posts 

  • Fun real estate quote posts

  • Would you rather posts 

  • Property Management posts 

  • Finance posts 

  • Selling in Spring posts 

  • Direct login to Canva & social media channels 


Looking to level up your marketing strategy? We've over 500 ways to help you. Here are just some of the recent updates in our award winning agent portal.


We have everything ready for you to download, edit or copy & paste.


Ready to use articles, SMS, prospecting letters, social media posts, video ideas & email alerts PLUS training and education on how to put these in place for maximum results.


Email, SMS, Prospecting Letters, Social Media Posts & Video Ideas

We've written the articles and the SMS, we've even created the social media tiles to go with each individual tip.


  • 10 things to consider when selling your home

  • 9 steps to create a lead generation campaign

  • 10 ways to improve the value of your home by renovating

  • What a buyer should look for when buying an investment property

  • 10 reasons why buyers can miss out on their dream home

  • 15 reasons why a buyer must get a pest & building report done

  • 20 things a first home buyer can do to save for a home

  • 20 ways for a landlord to increase their rent

  • 27 reasons why styling plays such a huge part in selling your home

  • Property coming to your neighbourhood soon

  • RBA announcement

  • Are you nervous to buy your first home



Getting more leads

We've written the lead generation captions, so you don't have to. Simply copy and paste onto your social media channels or in ads manager. We've even created social media images for each tip.

  • Top social media lead generation captions to find sellers

  • Top social media lead generation captions to find landlords

  • Top social media lead generation captions to find commercial sellers

  • How to find ready to go NOW sellers & obtain their details for FREE

  • How to find ready to go NOW landlords & obtain their details for FREE

  • 50 lead generation ideas for sales agents

  • 50 lead generation ideas for property managers

  • 50 lead generation ideas for commercial agents

  • 50 lead generation ideas for strata agents

  • First home buyers, showing vendors how hard you work on social media

  • 20 email headings that are sure to get your emails opened

  • Ad value to your property for less than $5,000

  • 10 SMS captions to help you win more business



Listing Presentation Material

  • Make every second count

  • How to use our social media results to win the listing

  • A perfect listing presentation plan

  • 50 questions to ask a home seller in a presentation

  • How we will use social media to sell your home




Scripts & Dialogues

  • Telephone script for after an open home

  • Telephone script to a private seller/landlord

  • Advise of a neighbour selling

  • Cold calling your patch

Prospecting letters Out of town owners

  • Introducing a buyer agent

  • Introducing a new agent

  • For sale by owner advice

  • Expired listing

  • Low inventory alert

  • Buyers already showing interest

  • Neighbour invite to auction

  • Free market appraisal letter

  • The NEW look letterbox drop that ALL agents should be using


Webinars & Training

  • Where you can find listings RIGHT NOW

  • The ultimate lead generation campaign masterclass

  • Master your mindset with Hermione Hart

  • How to recruit top talent using social media

  • How a camera shy person can nail video

  • What to do if you have been hacked on Facebook

  • 9 ways to become an attraction agent on social media

  • Rethink recruitment with retention in mind

  • How to make candidates feel welcome in a job interview

  • Are Saturday Facebook lives a waste of time?

  • How first home buyers can prepare for Auction

Do you still have inquiries?

Is there a requirement for a minimum commitment?

Yes, in order to achieve lasting success, it is important to commit not only to us but also to yourself for a minimum of 12 months. During that time, you will easily exceed your investment.

Can we receive a group discount for our entire office?

Absolutely! We offer a corporate package for companies with 4 or more members, providing a discounted rate.


Is there a discount available if I pay for the entire year upfront?

Yes, our annual subscribers enjoy significant savings. You can sign up for an annual account here.


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